High Performance Communication Course. Principles of Influencing

You engage in hundreds of conversations every week with people who matter. Each of these conversations has the potential to change the course of events in your life, your career, your family, or your organization. It is, in fact, an act of leadership. And in order to achieve your desired result, your communication must be effective. It's that simple!

In this training you will learn and practice the art of communicating clearly, relevantly, succintly and how to craft your message in a way that is easy for your dialogue partner to understand, absorb, and remember.

This training is highly empowering and inspiring and will improve your communication skills tremendously.

Was werde ich lernen:

✔️How to use communication differently to influence people

✔️How to prepare important conversations in order to succeed

✔️The language of successful communication

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In-House Training


B1 - C1
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High performance communication course. Principles of influencing

In-House Training


B1 - C1
Firmentraining - 1 Tag
9:00 - 16:30 Uhr

Professional English Training. Der perfekte Begleiter in der Kommunikation mit Ihren Geschäftspartnern

In-House Training


B1 - C1
Für Firmen. Nach Vereinbarung
9:00 - 16:30 Uhr

Der Professional English In-house Training ermöglicht Ihnen, in kurzer Zeit Ihre persönlichen Ziele zu erreichen


New York

A1 - C1
Nach Vereinbarung

Englisch Live Onlinekurse. Lernen Sie flexibel ohne weite Wege zurücklegen zu müssen!

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